My Story by LauraJane

I miscarried my 3rd baby in September 2020. I had to have surgery and the day after for weeks I was a mess. Not only full of grief but dealing with postpartum, panic attacks and flashbacks to other traumatic experiences (birth trauma, sexual assault) all while trying to look after two small children. To make things worse because of covid-19 I could have little to no contact with anyone outside of my household and no help with my daughters other than my husband when he was home from work. It all came to a breaking point.

At a very low point my friend told me about MISS and how they helped her. I reached out and it was the best decision I could have made. Almost immediately I received a message back from Abi at MISS and was invited on an informal support zoom call. I was very nervous but was made to feel very comfortable speaking to other women who had experienced miscarriage as well as the volunteers at MISS. Since then I have received help via zoom calls but mostly through text messaging and phone calls with Abi Clarke at MISS. On my down days (which has been a lot) I have reached out and the same day I have received a phone call. MISS have helped me through my darkest time and continue to help me through grieving and recovery now 3 months on from my miscarriage.

On top of the over the phone support and group zoom calls, I have been sent a support pack, gift for baby loss month, a Christmas decoration to remember my lost baby and support offered to my Husband also. They have given me advice when I have needed it, put me in touch with counselling organisations, let me cry and laugh on the call and most of all listened to me. I felt very alone and not heard at the beginning so being listened to was so important.

I can honestly say I may not have got to the end of this year without the support of MISS (especially the wonderful founder Abi Clarke) and I will be forever grateful for the life-saving support I have received. Covid may have meant no face-to-face or physical contact but that has not stopped MISS from touching my heart and saving my life. Words can only begin to describe how thankful I am. 

– By LauraJane Bethune 

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