My Miscarriage Story: Nikola Will

I miscarried around about 9 weeks in March 2012. I was offered no support by the hospital other than bloods to be taken every couple of days to make sure that my HCG levels were dropping. I left the hospital distraught along with my husband. Not once  were we ask if we needed any support, nor were we given the opportunity to ask questions.

I felt it was my fault I had done something wrong. Couldn’t understand why other people like drug users etc were able to carry a baby but I couldn’t. The following morning after very little sleep I asked my husband to leave me as I felt I couldn’t give him what he wanted and that was a family of his own.

We went on and had a healthy pregnancy after the miscarriage but felt I was walking on egg shells the whole way through my pregnancy. I was just waiting for something to go wrong. Every scan I attend I was nervous and scared that we would lose this baby as well. Thankfully we didn’t and we have a lovely little girl who one day will know how special she is to both us. She knows she has a big brother/sister in heaven.

It was through facebook I came upon MISS. They have  been a source of great support to me, even thou my miscarriage was before they were founded. To this day I still grief for the baby we lost and to be honest probably haven’t yet to come to terms with it.

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